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Cricket is commonly known as the Gentleman's Game. It is played by several different people from all corners of the world. This game was originally invented in England, but it has spread out to various countries around the world as well. This game is also played with high enthusiasm in many countries such as South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, Netherlands, just to name a few.

With technology advancement every passing day, cricket is now available on the internet. In this regard, there several versions of cricket games currently available on several websites. When playing online, some versions of this game require you to choose the players and country.

online cricket games

They are available as the multiplayer types too, and you can effectively challenge other available players on the internet. This game is also played by children who seem to spend most part of their time in front of computers in the name of playing cricket. This is one of the factors that show how much this game is loved.

The following are some of the best online games:

1. Australia Vs. India

Australia vs. India is one of the largest rivalries in the world of cricket. You only need to choose just one series of challenges in order to complete. The experience is great since you need to successfully complete the online cricket challenge and continue to the next level. This game may be a very addictive game and not easy as well.

2. Top Spinner

The Top Spinner Game is regarded as the very intense. When playing this game type, balls come towards the batsman very fast and you are required to hit the ball for six runs without losing the wicket. This game looks very simple but it is actually difficult and the main goal is to rightly get your time and the steady rhythm with your cricket bat.

3. Online Cricket Game

This oneis definitely one of the best online cricket games mostly played on the internet these days. Here you need to choose your favorite and best international cricket players or teams and then go out to win a toss. The involved teams must bowl and bat. The options of bowling include spin, medium, and fast pace. The battling is also realistic with several different types of shots.

4. Cricket 20 20

In this game, you need to dive directly into the Tournament mode or just choose a practice mode. Then choose your favorite and best international team or players from eight different countries. Each of these teams contains player names and a realistic cricket kit. Timing and short selection are key in this type of online game. In addition, to advance in the tournament can be a daunting task.

5. IPL Cricket

It is one of the realistic free internet cricket games where you need to take part in the tournament of India T20. You can choose your favorite team from nine available teams and make sure you win a toss. Also in this game, you are required to bat and bowl as well. The game is fast paced and very addictive too. Its battle is realistic with every type of shot available to a batsman right from the square cut right to the hook shot.

There are also several other online cricket games available in different websites. Some of these ones are free and others are played for money. The choice of game remains on an individual to which category or type of cricket game to play. You would probably get your best and favorite game since there are variants of them.

Experience Fun with Online Cricket Games

Learning on how to cricket games on the internet is very easy if you are determined and commitment to know how to play it. Since there are free online games available to play, it is easier to practice.

free cricket game to play

Internet games offer you just almost the same enjoyment and entertainment fun, which a real cricket would otherwise offer you. As the standard game, it comprises two teams of 11 players each; there is the popular ball and an oval surface area on which the game is played.

In some cricket games, you are one of the batting players and you are required to score as several runs as possible using your cricket bat. It does not matter whether you are playing on a side view or you are seeing other players from the front view, there is always a sign, which will clearly show you exactly where the ball is shot. This is the time to decide on what would happen in the game.

Playing on the internet is a really exciting experience and therefore you should not worry about bad weather outdoors. What you need to do is to sit down, relax and then enjoy these internet cricket games. Most of them are free and therefore you can play your favorite one as much as you want. You can play for fun or play to enhance your score and skills.

Every online game is very unique and different from each other in one way or another. Some of these online games have a very realistic look and players also have nice animations. Anyone can play no matter the age or class. It does not also matter whether you are a beginner or a professional cricket player, in all online free games have a panel of instructions which can help you to learn their rules as well as how to play.


Internet cricket games are a few cool short games, which anyone can possibly play several times without getting bored. You can decide to play single player or the multiplayer games. In addition, remember that no matter the type of cricket game you choose to try, there is always the same amount of fun in a live game. However, the only difference is that when playing on the internet, you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Just do not hesitate and play your favorite game any time you feel like playing

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